Aboriginal diary entry

As the crowd of buffalos ran I shot two buffalos on the head by my loaded-gun, gaining cheers from my family. A lot of the blokes were really set on giving us a going-over. An opening appearing like a harbour was seen and we stood directly in for it. They were not allowed in any of the hotels and they had to get their beer and were sold cheap plonk through the back windows at three times the price, through sly-grogging operations.

Some men, if lucky, can catch a lot of prey for food, and they can finish hunting early. The mayor came up to us and stated categorically that he would be prepared to sign a motion to rescind the statute we were protesting against, and would get two other aldermen to co-sign it.

Then it occurred when Bako suddenly slowed down while the other horses tugged and pulled on the reins, yearning to race upon to the group of grazing buffalos.

The hardest one was sharpening the spearheads.

From Terra Australis to Australia

You whites come down to our camp and chase our young girls around at night. Unfortunately, my story is not unique — so many Aboriginal people suffer the same. I had never seen my mother in my life.

Stolen Generations stories

When that bus went off the road he went white. The manager was a real tough looking bloke too. Right throughout my life I have been victim to abuse. In the PM winds southerly clear weather with which we stood into the bay and anchored under the south shore about 2 mile within the entrance in 6 fathoms of water, the south point bearing SE and the north point East.

I thanked him, and now had the task of selling my idea to His Excellency, but not in just those terms. For 30 years she thought her mother had died When Netta was about five years old, a policeman tried to tempt the young girl away from her mother with a tin of apricot jam.

My mother, deceased, was taken from her family. We went up to see him but he refused to answer the door. Charlie Perkins spoke terrifically and I think most people listened very Several of the natives and a few hutts, to which place I went in the boats in hopes of speaking with them accompanied by Mr Banks, Dr Solander and Tupia as we approached the shore they all made off except two men who seem'd resolved to oppose our landing.

So I thought of practicing my accuracy with spears because we are getting ready to be a man. On a bad day they will return at dinner with little to no food.

This discovery has made me ten months younger. I asked my wife where Flema was and she answered with a shrug. When time came to leave, my family and I packed up satisfied with new things except that there was no sign of my daughter Flema. Later Aboriginal Affairs advertised in The Advertiser - ‘home wanted for two Aboriginal girls, approximately seven and nine’.

Mr and Mrs McLennan, who were mature aged and childless, replied and became our foster parents. Encounters with Aborigines (Page ) 'The eighteenth-century explorer’s close adherence to the advice offered by Lord Morton and the Royal Society produced ethnographic[description of races of men.]descriptions of the Aborigines that were significantly more detailed than those given earlier by the Dutch navigators and by Dampier.

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Diary entry of a male aboriginal: Part 2 (Written by Risa) March 22,The good, old spring has once again blossomed upon our camp. Meat and corn is stacked in the center of the camp, feedi. diary/journal entry about their assigned event from the perspective of one of the focus groups (French Canadian, English Canadian, Aboriginal peoples and immigrant).

Aboriginal/British Journal Entry Anne's Aboriginal Entry Trina's Aboriginal Entry As i was gathering food for my tribe I saw twelve lightly skinned men trying to.

Ann Curthoys' diaries Aboriginal diary entry
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