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Later he used these characteristics in a variety of studies to find out the general notion of the teachers and parents concerning that characteristics should hearten or dishearten in working with children and young individuals. Secondary school Principal who are on high dimension of Democratic administrative behaviour, take more active co-operation of their teachers in policy making, evaluation of teaching learning process and in solving various other problems.

The tool, as the name suggests, covers ten administrative characteristics of the secondary school Principals, namely,Extrocentric, Egocentric, Authoritarian, Interactive, Democratic, Inertia-prone, Progressive, Flexible, Achievement-oriented and Tolerant. There is no significant difference in the attitude of the teachers working with the Principals having differentially developed Achievement-oriented administrative behaviour.

The thirty two statements that have been constructed for this purpose have content validity in terms of recognised characteristics of good teacher. As a result, they have more positive attitude of their teachers towards teaching.

Rastogi, English medium schools in our country have also been bitterly criticised on various grounds. The third hypothesis states that the teaching styles of teachers are not related with their creativity. Gautam Ganguly Production Assistant: In Hindi Medium schools, majority of male teachers are using traditional style As a result of it, they have more positive attitude of their teachers towards teaching.

Johnson found that helping and supportive Principal can enable a teacher to develop and succeed in most challenging situations where as the Principal with an authoritarian attitude can undermine the work of even a most able and committed teacher. Therefore; the Null hypothesis that there is no significant difference in the attitude of the teachers working with the Principals having differentially developed Inertia-prone administrative behaviour is selected.

They envision deep engagement by students with importance concepts, skills and perspectives. For them, the English-medium and convent schools serve the purpose of an ideal.

Statistical Techniques Used The obtained data was subjected to necessary statistical computation. How Do You Teach. Tools The study involves traditional and objective based style of teaching as independent variables and creativity as dependent variable. Doctoral Dissertation, State Univ.

The findings revealed that the Mathematics teachers of secondary schools with high achievements in mathematics were having good and positive attitude towards the teaching of their subject.

Moreover, the not clear personality pattern respondents are found to be significantly more stressed than the respondents of type B personality pattern, ii the married and unmarried respondents do not differ significantly on the level of occupational stress, iii the personality pattern and marital status of the female teachers do not interact significantly to determine their occupational stress.

They are generally faced with many shortages. Contributions may comprise scholarly discussion of new issues, reports of research, reviews of researches in particular field, reports of developments, and debate on educational research generally or on specific issues.

The professional training, managerial skill dedication, commitment and leadership qualities are always not considered as essential requirement for the appointment of a Principal.

The traditional style of teaching is also known an autocratic style. Leadership characteristics of an excellent Principal in Malaysia.

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs. Several studies have shown Hindi-medium students in higher or technical education face the problem of poor communication skills, low level of guidance, lack of exposure to formal environment, poor family background, poor educational background of the students, inferiority complex, lack of educational facilities such as libraries, books etc.

The study also endeavours to study whether there is any significant difference in the styles of teaching of Hindi Medium and English Medium school teachers — do they prefer a traditional style or an objective based style. Creativity and the Thinking Process. Administrative behaviour of the Principal The administrative characteristics of the Principal refer to a set of desirable administrative behaviour as perceived by the teachers in 8 Indian Educational Review, Vol.

Teaching styles can be classified under the following two types: National Secondary School Principal Bulletin. Contributions of academicians, researchers, research writers and institutions are cordially invited for the next issues, including those of the special issues. Some of these schools have the same procedures for the selection of teachers as in English Medium schools, but some select the teachers just on the basis of interview.

Creativity and style of teaching of a teacher are the two eminent factors that distinguish one teacher from another. Gupta Chief Production Officer: Singh found that job satisfaction in teachers was positively related to their attitude towards teaching. Such a Principal consults only senior teachers in taking decisions.

Same research may also be conducted after a lapse of time. It is a standardised tool developed by Indian Educational Review, Vol. National Psychological Corporation, Agra, U. His administrative behaviours, therefore, are contributory to the 14 Indian Educational Review, Vol.

He emphasises that an instructor needs to employ more on teaching styles. English Medium Schools generally have better education facilities than HindiMedium Schools, thus they are the first choice of the parents for their children.

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Prativedan writing a cover
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