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Filled up with stones, they had taken on the shape of a grave. As students began to determine their individual research agendas a broad range of subjects emerged; nevertheless, certain underlying similarities could be traced among groups of projects.

History of the built environment buildings, urban planning, and associated arts in western and non-western cultures, ranging from dawn of civilization to dawn of modern era, including high-style architecture, vernacular buildings, and traditional forms.

Arch students involving the execution of a project in sufficient depth to understand the opportunities and discipline resulting from the inclusion of building. Interaction of elements in structural systems containing beams, columns, trusses, space frames, slabs, arches, vaults, domes,cables, cable networks, fabrics and diaphrams.

The semester was punctuated by a series of rich and suggestive lectures by Visiting Professor Kurt Forster, which provided a succinct overview of relevant methodological questions by tracing the evidence for an operative thesis in a series of projects by architects as diverse as Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Required of all participants in Dept. Includes comprehensive introduction to the construction of buildings and their systems, materials and methods, and their implications on building sustainability and design decision-making.

Michael has taught architectural theory courses and is currently teaching architecture design studio in London as well as being an invited guest critic at numerous universities.

ARST The properties of steel are discussed as issues of combined axial compression and bending are presented, including the behavior of steel structural beams and columns with and without lateral support.

Current Courses

Advanced studies in architectural design. Two two-hour lecture periods per week. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of structural building elements.

This course focuses on architecture as a cultural artifact and provides an overview of the interrelationship of architectural form, organization, symbolism, use and meaning. Plumbing and electrical systems also will be presented. Arch Master of Architecture: One two-hour laboratory period per week.

Attention is given to the sociopolitical contexts in which ideas were generated. Students may register for this course a maximum of one semester. Diese Bolzen definieren, zusammen mit Versteifungsrippen, den Rhythmus der Fassade. I prefer the singular tectonic to the plural tectonics, which obscures the precise and fundamental role that the term plays in architecture.

Wettbewerb auf Einladung Mendrisio Academy of Architecture design studio spaces In the project for the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture design studio spaces a new platform supports the new volume, that together with the three existing buildings defines a public space.

Thesis Research and Planning Units: None Diverse drawing techniques and a variety of media are introduced. Students who complete their 7th semester with a 3.

This course examines the impact of the built environment on natural systems and questions what it truly means to build responsibly. Students also will be introduced to foundational processes for developing design projects through the application of formal analytical vocabulary, diagramming, drawing methods and conventions, and three-dimensional modeling.

Non-architecture majors by instructor's permission. Analysis and documentation of selected building types in their historical evolution. Without tectonic there is no architecture. The course will be an introduction to 2D design thinking, as applied to the interrelated, interdisciplinary fields of design and as understood from a biblical world-view.

This seminar combines architectural material research with instruction in advanced digital design software. Geometry, as projected three dimensionally, allows students to manipulate form, shadows and projections.

A calculus-based course including an introduction to derivatives and integrals, dimensional analysis, analytical geometry, trigonometry, vectors, experimental error and other topics to provide a mathematical foundation for natural science majors. One two-hour lecture period per week; field time by arrangement.

Design explorations include experimentation with light, materials and textures. Basic design theories, principles, major movements and works will be covered.

The renewable energy technologies, such as solar and geothermal, are explored to discuss the applicability of those in the building design. ARCC This course explores three-dimensional design with parametric modeling at the same time develop their education in digital technologies to materials properties Through a series of short exercises the student will learn digital fabrication techniques that will serve as models of exploration for an installation to be fabricated in real scale.

ARC and Master of Architecture student. He actively seeks for more opportunity to apply computational design beyond the scope of his work. Pre- or Co- Requisite: Free-hand sketching and one and two point constructions are explored. Tectonic Architecture Studio.

A minor project at Architecture & Design, 1.


master semester, September Project brief The project is concerned with the development and presentation of a tectonic design proposal for a new pedestrian bridge. Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture Third Year Studio Expression Eduard Sekler defined the tectonic as a certain expressivity arising from the statical resistance of constructional form in such a way that the resultant form could not be accounted for in terms of structure and construction alone.µ.

Tectonic is an experience design studio in Seattle and Boston. We embrace complexity, find purpose, and turn it into systems. This semester, the studio is examining the role of heavy timber tectonics in contemporary architecture – primarily focusing on structure as scaffolding and façade as skin.

Architecture (ARCH)

Students are engaging this topic from a historic perspective and researching the significance and varied application of these tectonic manifestations through an.

Tectonic Rhizome Sidney Hoskulds-Linet looked to the idea of a rhizome—a constantly expanding root system—to develop a scheme that could grow and respond during the line, plane, and volume phases, maintaining continuity while responding to changing parameters.

Studio Twenty Seven Architecture Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. SINCEwhen they cofounded the architecture studio SANAA, Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa have been celebrated both for the extraordinary material and tectonic refinement of their structures and for their careful attention to the social life of buildings.

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